Should you cut your own hair? Your Answer is Here

Should you cut your own hair? Your Answer is Here

Posted on Oct 20, 2019 in Right Hairstyles

Cutting your hair at home is something increasingly common and not just for the sake of saving money.

Many times we barely have time to go to the hairdresser or in fact we do not find a time that suits us, so if you want to get ready for the summer, and release a new “look”, you can follow these tips and tricks to cut Hair at home

Tricks to cut your hair at home

Next, we are going to list the tricks and steps that are going to take you to be able to cut your own hair at home, correctly and without doing a tear in your hair.

Don’t wet your hair

Hair is best cut always dry if we have no experience. Why? Very easy, cutting wet hair will lead you to discover that when you dry it looks shorter than you think you have cut, so always wash your hair thoroughly and dry it completely before picking up the scissors. Therefore, cut it while it is dry. Surely most stylists agree.

Cut only what you can see

People who cut their own hair do not try to use a mirror to trim the back. A good trick is to cut the back hair by doing two pigtails with the hair in front.

In this way, you can cut all your hair at once and when you release it you can review it. The back is better to be reviewed by your partner or a friend.

Roll the hair to cut the ends

There is a trick to cut the tips well that consists of firmly winding dry sections of about two centimeters of hair around your own index finger. Any end that appears when you finish winding can be broken tips that you must cut.

cut the ends

Tricks to cut your bangs at home

In the case of what you want to do at home is to cut your bangs, you must point the end of the scissors towards the ceiling, not in a straight line. In this way you will have a softer and not so marked style and also, cut the bangs with dry hair.

To cut the bangs, what you should do is pull the bangs down, then turn it all together, and then cut the entire section.

This is the basic thing you should know cutting my own hair at home, but if you want something specialized it is better that you do not try and always go to a hairdresser.

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