Being a hairdresser without qualifications

Being a hairdresser without qualifications

Posted on Jan 18, 2020 in Hair Salon

Many women trust their hairdressers more than anyone else. For some, going out in public with an inappropriate hairstyle is like appearing without pants. Women not only trust hairdressers to make their hair look good, but also trust the most intimate details of their lives to these professionals who handle the scissors.

Go to a hairdressing academy

If you want to work as a hairdresser, you will have to take a professional course such as those taught by the Maria Luisa Huerta hairdressing academy, which has been approved by the community in which you want to work as hairdresser without qualifications doesn’t worth it.

Many communities also stipulate that anyone working in this field has a high school or equivalency diploma.

Some high schools offer aesthetic programs to their students to become a hairdresser. If yours does not have it, or if you already have a high school or equivalency diploma, you can attend a program at a hairdressing school.

These programs usually last at least nine months, but some can last almost two years. Many grant an associate’s degree at the end of the course. Some programs offer language classes in addition to English.

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What will you have to do after finishing the course?

Even after passing a hairdressing course, your journey to become a complete professional stylist is not over. To cut your clients’ hair, you need a professional license.

The requirements vary, but most communities require that licensed stylists be at least 16 years old and have completed a hairdressing program approved by that community or one with which they have reciprocity. Reciprocity is the acceptance by a community of a training program approved by another community.

In addition to your degree in hairdressing school, you will have to take and pass a written exam. Some communities also require you to pass a practical test, during which you will have to demonstrate your styling skills.

How to get your first job as a professional hairdresser?

With your license in hand, it will be time to put into practice the skills you learned in the academy. You will have to find a job. You may already have one if, like many beauty school students, you work in a beauty salon while taking classes.

Many aesthetic students work as apprentices since that job does not require a professional degree. If things get settled, you may have a job there as a professional stylist after graduation. Otherwise, it will be time to look for new opportunities.

Many graduates of the styling school become classroom owners. As freelance hairdressers, you can rent a space in large salons or open your own hairdressers. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, so make sure that starting a business is the right thing for you.

You should also consider taking business classes for the skills do you need to be a hairdresser if you decide to take this route.

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