How to Properly wash hair before dyeing

How to Properly wash hair before dyeing

Posted on Sep 15, 2019 in Hair Dyeing

Preparation for hair coloring is a rather crucial stage, which can significantly affect the outcome of the procedure. It is necessary to decide on the questions; even professional hairdressers cannot give an unambiguous answer.

Here is the most important: do I need to wash my hair before dyeing? Specialists in this are divided into two camps. The first ones are sure that washing is necessary, as this allows you to get a more saturated color on the hair.

The latter deny the need for washing, because they believe that the procedure contributes to more severe damage to the hair. So where is the truth to wash hair before dyeing?

Hair washing is necessary: the opinion of professionals

Do I have to wash my hair before dyeing? There is no definite answer. It all depends on the specific case.

Can I color my hair the same day I wash it: recommendations of professionals?

Non-specialist response

What do ordinary girls recommend in hair dye reviews? They propose to solve the issue as part of the home procedure simply: refer to the instructions purchased paint. The manufacturer will indicate whether hair washing is necessary before the procedure.


Washing is not necessary: the opinion of professionals

Other hairdressers in their reviews of hair coloring urge clients to abandon preparatory procedures. Here are the main reasons why they do not recommend pre-washing the hair:

A layer of fat and dirt on the scalp and hair is a kind of protective film. What will happen if you remove it before staining, thoroughly washing the hair? You will open a direct path to the harmful components of the paint to unprotected skin and hair cells.

The result may be the saddest: itching, irritation of the scalp. It can also contribute to dry, dull hair, the appearance of annoying split ends. If your scalp is sensitive, then preliminary washing is fraught with the appearance of redness and peeling.

If you didn’t thoroughly wash the shampoo from your hair before painting, this can also affect the results of the procedure.

When the components of this agent interact with the pigments of the paint, a sad effect can occur: the paint does not completely penetrate the hair structure. Bottom line: a dull and rapidly rinsing color.

Most hairdressers nevertheless agree on one thing: before lightening the hair by several tones with an oxidizing agent, you should not wash your hair before highlighting the strands!

Should I wash my hair before dyeing hair: recommendations of professionals?

To wash or not to wash is not important!

Dyeing on long hair is a very serious procedure. Therefore, it is better to produce it in the cabin, so as not to make a mistake with the desired concentration of the oxidizing agent, the amount of dye, the exposure time of the composition.

Mistakes are very difficult to fix on long strands. Sometimes the only cardinal solution to the problem is only a short haircut.

If you decide to color hair clean or dirty, dye long hair in a salon, then you have no problem choosing: wash or not wash your hair. The decision is only at your request. The fact is that professional coloring components suggest an excellent result in both cases.

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