What is the henna recipe for hair coloring?

What is the henna recipe for hair coloring?

Posted on Jul 11, 2019 in Henna Hair Dye

Do you want to dye and strengthen your hair with henna? One of the best options to give life to the mane without a doubt is to reinforce it with natural products and henna is one of the most used for several centuries.

Pure henna dyes in shades of reddish colors, but we can find some products that have added indigo and that result in an intense black color achieved with natural ingredients.

Do you want to know everything you need to know to apply this natural dye? Then, keep reading this article of to mix in henna for hair dye for hair step by step.

Properties of henna for hair

As hair dyes usually carry chemicals, abusing them is not recommended. So, one way to cover gray hair or change tone without damaging the mane is to use natural products. One of the most common and effective is henna and this is very easy to obtain and apply in the comfort of our home.

With it you can dye your hair and also nourish it in depth among other things to mix henna for hair color, something that with commercial dyes is not possible.

Thus, among the main properties of henna for hair we can highlight the following:

Eliminate dandruff: if you suffer from dandruff, either oily or dry, dyeing your hair with it is one of the best ideas to regulate this hair problem naturally.

Regulates sebum: thanks to its natural components, this product helps to regulate scalp fat, as, it regulates its production and ph.

Protect the hair: From the temperature of the iron or the climate to the contamination are aspects that negatively affect the hair health and that this natural product can mitigate.

Nourishes in depth: this product is very rich in nutrients, so, it will nourish your hair completely.

Color and brightness: of course, dyeing your hair thus offers the possibility of achieving spectacular color and brightness naturally.

How to prepare henna for hair?

hair coloringTo be able to dye your hair with henna you need to gather the material that will allow you to do it easily and safely:

  • 1 packet of henna powder
  • Hot water
  • 1/2 tablespoon olive oil (optional)
  • 1 bowl or other plastic container large enough for the amount of dye you are going to make
  • 1 spoon that must be made of wood

This natural powder product can be found in herbalists and other natural products stores.

When you have all this material, to prepare the hair henna you just have to mix the ingredients in the plastic bowl with the help of the wooden spoon and make sure that the water is very hot and is the right amount for you to achieve a pasta, but without it being too liquid or too thick.

It’s that simple to revitalize your hair, making the henna recipe for hair coloring to give it shine and a spectacular natural color tone.

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