So Does black hair make you look older? We Tell You

So Does black hair make you look older? We Tell You

Posted on Feb 10, 2019 in Hair Dyeing

When it comes to aging gracefully, a Southern woman is never too proud to turn down a little help. Just like how we religiously apply our daily sunscreen and night serum, we’re keeping our hair cut and styled to perfection.

As it turns out, however, all of those hairstyles and curling irons aren’t worth a penny in youth if our shade of choice isn’t as forgiving. Looking years younger happens to come painlessly by selecting the most satisfying hair color.

First, it’s time to leave monotone color at the salon door and embrace warm highlights. As no matter your hair color— brown, blonde, gray or red—you’re going to look older if it lacks dimension.

The goal is to bring out a youthful glow in your face by infusing that same warmth and softness into your locks. That’s why cool tones aren’t generally the ticket to eternal youth.

Deep Auburn

Revive your brunette color locks by doing rich red. The lovingly pigmented color uses to work some serious kind of magic on redheads and brunettes alike, bringing a healthy glow out of any dullness.

Dirty Blonde

If Jennifer Aniston can rock this beachy blonde hue after she turns 50 this year (and we all know she will), then that’s all the proof we need. The shade, a brown-blonde with flecks of gold, is warm and bright, which will bring out those same qualities in the face.

Dark Mocha

Take a deep dive into dark chocolate. For olive and tan skin tones, rich mocha brown takes care of any dullness. The richness of the color, especially when some subtle touches of caramel are added to the ends, makes a statement. Women with dark hair look older.

Bright Copper

Go bold or go home? This bright shade brings out those baby blues something fierce, and the trendy asymmetrical cut makes it even cooler.

black hair

Champagne Blonde

This color happens to be warmer, yellow-based blonde conjures up the Goldilocks-inspired tones in your natural hair for a brighter complexion overall. Aging causes us to lose fullness and fat in our facial features, but this hue adds that softness right back in. This is one of the best hair color to look younger.

Soft Black

Be cautious once inky black colors start lingering your hair dreams. As black hair makes you look older sometimes. It gets tricky as time goes on and can look harsh as we age. Instead of jet black, soften the shade into a muted black to keep things youthful. The hue uses to sit just on the circumference of the brown-black spectrum.

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