The Right Process to get your roots touched up

The Right Process to get your roots touched up

Posted on Nov 24, 2019 in Hair Salon

Dyeing your hair is common and frequent in many women, and also men, who seek to modify their appearance in terms of aesthetics. The dyes serve to change the tone of the hair, or to cover gray hair when the years begin to accumulate throughout the body, including head.

The frequency of how often should you dye your hair and go through the hairdresser can vary depending on each case, but there are some basic tips to follow to know how often it is advisable to dye your hair.

How often it is advisable to dye your hair

As a general rule, it can be said that the most recommended time between dye and dye should be between three and four weeks. However, this time depends on some factors, and may be something more, or less, to show your best image.

Dyes with ammonia and dyes without ammonia

Dyes with ammonia get better hair color results, but they are also more harmful to your health. If you always use this type of dyes, you will have to wait a lot between one application and the next, so that your hair does not suffer the consequences and does not look dry or damaged.

You can also get your hair highlighted, so you can reduce the waiting time between one application and another.

Permanent or temporary dyes

Temporary dyes are used only to give a color bath, to match the hair tone or to darken it, but its effects disappear in a short time. The positive part of this type of dyes is that they have no adverse effects on the hair, so you can use them more frequently.

Hair growth speed

This point is specific to each person, because the hair does not always grow at the same speed. Genetics, and environmental agents, play a decisive role in the growth process.

The average is one centimeter per month, but it varies in each individual. With this data, a person with rapid hair growth will have to wait less between two treatments. Similarly, a person with slow growth can wait longer to re- dye their hair.

get roots touched up

If there is hair damage

If, after the application of a dye, your hair has been damaged excessively, you will have to wait for it to heal completely before you dye again.

Remember that it is better to be a few days with your natural color, than to cause irreversible damage to the health of your hair.

Root retouching

If the color of your dye and that of your natural color differ greatly, you get your roots touched up more frequently. But only touch up the roots, and let more time pass before re-dyeing the entire hair to revive the tips.

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